PSL Trade Overview

Do I qualify for a trade?
Not all PSLs are eligible for trade. If you do not qualify for a trade, we would you to list your seats for sale on our Panthers PSL marketplace.

Can I trade for a lesser # of PSLs?
No, trade requests for a smaller quantity of seats than currently owned can generally not be accommodated.

Are there restrictions on where I can move?
Yes, we are generally only able to accommodate trade requests involving upgrades from the Upper Level to the Lower or Club Level or closer to midfield within the Lower Level .

What seats can I upgrade to?
All seats owned by our company and listed on are potentially available for trade. Seats listed on the PSL Source Network owned by private parties are not available for trade.

What are my PSLs worth?
We are generally able to offer a trade-in value equal to 70%-85% of your seats current market value, as determined in our appraisal process.